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Helite has invented specific motorcycle airbag jackets, equestrian airbag vests, airbag jackets for snow mobile riders and airbag seatbelts for ultralight aircrafts. Helite's airbag products answer to important market demands, hence every airbag product is specifically adapted to the application and fulfills all saftey and governmental requirements such as being CE certified. 

The expertise in airbag technology combines know-how, experience, skilled workers, industry networks and specific machines. Mastering in the airbag sector includes the study of fluid mechanics, gases and their volumes, pressures applied in textiles, pyrotechnic activations, electronic activations, mechanical activations, integration of the innovative technologies in already existing objects such as jackets, driving boards, seats...

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Developing the best airbag jacket is not that easy. Many parameters should be taken into account in order to decide which the best airbag jacket is. The time of inflation is not enough; one should take the pressure in the air tubes into account as well in order to make sure the best airbag jacket is effective enough. Helite started its company by distributing the hit air motorcycle jacket. The idea of hit air was very smart; however the airbag system lacked real effectiveness. Helite decided to improve the airbag system in order to offer the best airbag jacket, a motorcycle airbag jacket that would protect effectively in case of an accident. The Helite brand offers the best airbag jacket because it is fast inflated with a pressure in the airbag that is high enough to really buffer moreover the Helite airbag has a unique shape that protects the neck, the upper back and the thorax much better. The French police are now all equipped with Hit Air airbag systems which is a good step towards increased security but not very useful for the policemen that will not be protected that effectively. By working constantly at improving the technology, Helite can be proud to offer the best airbag jacket on the market.