Michelin is a world leader for automotive tires. Their team includes full time motorcycle test pilots that need to try out the tires on public roads and on the private MICHELIN ring. The public road pilots use our standard Helite motorcycle airbag jacket. But our real pride is to have developed a special airbag for pilots testing the tires on the private ring at 300 km/hour.  The challenge was for Helite to invent a jacket adapted to extremely high speed driving. The jacket was ergonomically designed to sustain aerodynamical stress while allowing the test pilots to be free of their motions and in case of a fall an airbag that is very resistant to abrasion and doesn’t tear easily.




Dorel, the world’s largest Juvenile products manufacturer teamed up with HELITE engineers to develop an inflatable device for baby seats in cars. The intelligent protection consists in two small balloons that are smartly hidden in the shoulder pads of a forward-facing car seat. This innovative airbag will significantly improve the protection of a child’s head and neck in case of a car crash. MaxiCosi and BébéConfort brands of the Dorel portfolio are in the process of launching this innovation on the toddler equipment market.




In 2009 Peugeot Scooters, contacted Helite for their professional needs. They were concerned about their employees. The test pilots spend long hours on all types of roads, in various meteorological conditions and they also experience falls. 

After the few first falls, Peugeot was very enthusiastic about the vest's effectiveness and easy usability. They decided to launch a range of Peugeot scooter airbag vests for their customers. The vests are available in Peugeot Scooter stores in the accessory section.




The emergency rescuers and doctors that must reach road accidents very quickly drive motorcycles. In big cities where traffic can be dense, they must take risks by driving very fast with their motorcycles to help injured victims from the accidents faster. Emergency and safety professionals know how crucial it can be, for their own safety, to wear an airbag jacket. Several organizations have contacted HELITE to customize motorcycle airbag jackets with their requirements: Paris SAMU and Civil Protection, UME in Spain, Slovenian Emergency doctors.




EKKIA horse tack and riding apparel specialist distributes a wide range of products in more than 70 countries. The Helite airbag for horse-riders is availbale under the brand name Equi-Thème. Ekkia and Helite work hand in hand to find the best quality/ratio inflatable protection solutions.




HELD is a German brand specialized in motorcycle rider equipment. Held has a big catalogue of products that really focus on safety, their original know-how lies in the manufacturing of motorcycle gloves. HELD trusts Helite for the development and manufacturing of their motorcycle rider airbags. The last born of this collaboration between Helite and Held is the Touring Jacket Carese. Helite’s know-how is used for developing airbag compatible jackets and manufacturing the airbag part of the Touring airbag jacket.




Brembo is the world leader in the manufacturing of brake systems. Brembo has approached Helite in 2007 to develop an individual airbag protection for urban two-wheelers. They chose our company as their exclusive airbag technology partner for our know-how, reactivity and reliability.
Helite and Brembo have been collaborating to invent an airbag jacket activated 100% mechanically, specifically designed for the urban Italian market. The priority was to protect the chest, as 40% of the traumas in city accidents occurs after impact of the thorax. The research focused on faster inflation and bigger volumes on this specific part of the body. 
The product launch took place in May 2010.




Alstom had a special innovative and complex request to protect its train drivers. The famous railroad constructor, pioneer in high speed trains, famous for its TGV, asked Helite to develop a very sophisticated and safe driving board that would include an airbag in case of an accident. 
The challenge was to incorporate an intelligent system in their already standard driving board which would work in any unattended circumstances, such as traffic collisions, train accidents with lack of electrical supply...
The complexity was to detect an accident, unlock and lift the heavy driving board by deploying an airbag in less than 30 milliseconds to protect the driver from crashing into it. Indeed, it had to happen extremely rapidly because the driver stands very close to the driving board. The system had to be extremely reliable to avoid any unwanted activation and had to work in case electricity was out.
Alstom chose Helite as their research and development partner for their know-how, reliability, creativity, initiative taking and dynamic activity. Helite engineers comfortably surpassed Alstom's expectations. 




The policemen drive motorcycles all day and all year long so they are constantly confronted with urban traffic danger and motorcycle accidents. The Policia de Madrid was concerned about its workers’ safety and asked Helite to design, develop, certify and produce an aesthetic airbag jacket, suited for police man outfits. Indeed, the Madrid Police needs a comfortable garment to wear 8 hours a day and stays practical to access freely and quickly their weapons and other accessories. 




HELITE offers airbag vests that are well adapted for motorcycle training schools. A removable banner is attached with velcro to the back of the airbag vest. The training school can print on the removable banner in order to customize the airbag vests. Our Hi-Viz Turtle vest model is the perfect choice, as it answers to high-visibility norms and the attachement straps make it easy to fit students of different sizes.




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